Understanding needs and working on a cross-functional basis

What is actually behind the concept of “Smart City”, a term first coined at the start of the noughties? What is meant by “Smart”? What is the role of technology in this system? What challenges does it pose?

Congested roads, shortage of parking spaces, water shortages during hot summers, pollution, health crisis. These are just some of the excessive and complex challenges currently facing our cities and regions.

The concept of smart territory is essentially cross-disciplinary and affects several aspects of urban life (security, safety, waste, pollution, air and water, energies and their networks) and therefore several types of services (mobility solutions, social and health services or the digitisation of administrative procedures).

In light of the need to adopt an approach tailored to the needs of our customers, since 2018 we have developed a template for smart territory planning and development, and applied to several communities in Switzerland and France, in line with their respective specifications.

Our support is geared towards the development of your strategy at city or district level, the roll-out of several types of so-called “Smart” services, the implementation or upgrading of infrastructure to control installations, secure your IT systems, etc.

Let's build sustainable and smart territories together

Cities must develop systems that prioritise human needs, have the capacity to improve well-being and be accountable to local inhabitants. They must also set out to examine the city’s various services with a view to improving the way we respond to, coordinate and manage crises, making sure that the right people have access to the right information at the right time. The primary challenge for public entities is to break down barriers and prepare their teams to adopt a cross-disciplinary approach both from the point of view of human resources and information systems.

As no two territories are the same, each strategy must be customised and flexible.

Our approach, based on a partnership with our customers, comprises the following stages:

  • Assessment of the local community’s services, processes and systems
  • Analysis of needs via structured and semi-structured interviews
  • Determining targets and measurement instruments
  • Producing a road map and an action plan
  • Road map support services

Join us at the heart of our “Smart City hub” below so that we can jointly set out the management strategy for your territory and urban infrastructure operation plan, with a view to improving public services and quality of life.

Our multi-disciplinary services to construct and manage the cities of tomorrow

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