Road and Motorway Transport

Road and motorway remain the most popular method of transport in Western countries, despite the modal shift towards long-distance or urban rail, or soft mobility.

The sector is one of the highest emitters of greenhouse gases, with motorways accounting for between 5% and 10% of total emissions. In addition to the shift towards soft mobility, one of the most important ways to decarbonise road use is to encourage people to replace their ICE powered vehicle for an electric vehicle. The European Commission has also proposed, as part of a legislative package presented in July 2021, a ban on the registration of ICE powered vehicles from 2035, in a bid to meet its net-zero commitments by 2050.

BG is committed to reducing its direct emissions by adapting its fleet of vehicles, and to supporting changes in road use.

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Decarbonising road and motorway transport and increasing its safety

Road and motorway infrastructure needs to adapt to technological and societal developments as well as environmental challenges:

  • Decarbonising mobility affects decisions relating to construction materials and the energy supply made available to road users
  • Digitisation influences our day-to-day planning and management of this linear infrastructure
  • Vehicles are becoming “data-generating” and inter-connected machines (development of V2I and V2V technologies)

Moreover, while the management of electromechanical equipment in this context is nothing new, its computer security has become crucial, as it can be used to control urban traffic flows or guarantee road safety, in open or enclosed areas such as tunnels.

In short, road engineering is becoming more complex and we can support you along this path.

The BG Group shares its multidisciplinary expertise in the field of road and motorway infrastructure planning, construction, operation and maintenance. Its expertise covering not only civil engineering, but also electromechanics and automatic systems, enables the Group to offer its customers motorway check points designed in accordance with the highest standards. The range of services we offer our customers and partners therefore includes:

  • BIM-based design, determining BIM processes, BIM Coordination-Management
  • Drafting operation documentation, setting out minimum operating conditions, emergency response and assistance plan, training of operating stakeholders
  • Assistance with maintenance, defining and implementing CMMS systems
  • Safety audits (assessing risks related to the transport and management of hazardous goods, analysing degraded operating methods, assessing hazards of motorway car parks, etc.)

Our expertise in Transport Infrastructure and Mobility

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