Water, environment and waste

As water, environment and waste are intrinsically linked, the condition of one will suffer if the other two are mismanaged. Governments and citizens around the world are growing increasingly concerned about issues such as contamination of the water table, clear water being polluted by wastewater, air pollution in urban environments and greenhouse gas emissions, to name but a few.

More and more national and international regulations are being passed to govern the way in which water resources, the environment and waste are managed. Targets are more stringent and protective of the environment than ever before. The key to fulfilling these environmental requirements often resides in effective resource management.

BG's comprehensive measures to effectively manage water resources, the environment and waste.

In the present climate, it is essential to develop expertise and knowledge in the management of water resources, the environment and waste, with a view to effectively controlling the adverse effects that each sector has on the others. With that in mind, multi-disciplinary skills are required. Drawing on the expertise of its specialists in the various domains, the BG Group is able to deliver multi-disciplinary solutions to the complexities of your environmental protection and planning initiatives.


With experts specialising in hydrology, hydrogeology, hydraulics, storm water management, watercourse management, water supply, wastewater disposal, etc. the BG Group has every aspect of the urban and river water cycle covered. BG has long blazed a trail and broken new ground in the technical and economic management of water operations for all tiers of public authorities, by adopting controlled participatory approaches.


Whatever the origin of the waste (construction sites, waste collected by municipal authorities, special waste or waste produced by wastewater treatment plants) BG Consulting Engineers has the capacity to design systems in which the waste is managed and repurposed for organic or energy production uses. These systems can extract vast amounts of new resources from heaps of waste. The more these methods are used, the more effective the results: a modern waste treatment and recovery facility is able to repurpose waste heat for a municipal heating system and/or to produce biogas suitable for the natural gas network. State-of-the-art technologies are used to extract more energy with an increased calorific value.

Based on its experience of managing on-site excavation materials, the BG Group has acquired an essential skill, with several major references in the field.


As a natural (physical, chemical, biological) and cultural (socio-economic) phenomenon, the environment interacts with all living organisms and human activities. It is critical to understand the environment in order to develop a sustainable lifestyle.  BG has the expertise to analyse and reduce the impact of its human activities on the environment and to design sustainable environmental systems.

Apart from our water and waste management operations, the solutions we deliver are designed to protect the air, based on the modelling and design of systems for the ventilation, quality management or even deodorisation of flue gas in buildings, industrial facilities and tunnels. We preserve the quality of soils by remediating sub-soils, managing polluted sites and discharged waste, and introducing measures to counteract natural and industrial risks.

In view of its vast experience and its understanding of sector-specific legislation, the state of the art and economic considerations, BG is the perfect partner for your project. Our membership with leading professional associations also enables us to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments of the sector.

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