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A company that’s a good place to work

In 2021, more than 60% of the Group’s employees expressed themselves as part of a large satisfaction survey. The results show that BG is a company that offers a work environment and projects that are inspiring, and it enjoys a good overall level of satisfaction and motivation. The HappyIndex@AtWork 2021 accreditation for Europe, France and Switzerland confirms that the group is one of the companies where employees are happy to work.

Nelson Amaral

Through my time spent with HES, I was able to discover various fields of civil engineering and deepen my knowledge of them.

With BG Ingénieurs Conseils, I joined the unit in charge of transport infrastructure and mobility. Here, I have the chance to take part, alongside experienced engineers, in railway engineering projects and engineering structures, each more multi-faceted than last one.

Civil engineering is a multidisciplinary field that is constantly evolving. For me, this represents a source of daily motivation and the opportunity to continuously acquire new skills.

Nelson AmaralProject Engineer, Transport Infrastructure and Mobility, Lausanne - BG Ingénieurs Conseils

Christiana Meyer

Project manager since 2018, I mainly deal with large projects in the field of operations and safety equipment for rail and road tunnels.

In my work, I am often confronted with interdisciplinary issues, which is why I really appreciate being able to call on specialists from different fields within the company.

On a daily basis, my work is facilitated by simple digital exchanges between units and branches. Because I work part-time, I really appreciate the fact that BG supports working from home and the flexible distribution of work. These conditions allow me to get involved optimally in the project and facilitate managing the work-life balance.

Christiana MeyerProject Manager, BSA Group, Domaine DMD, BG Lucerne - BG Ingénieurs Conseils

Nathalie Monin

I was familiar with BG before joining the Group in 2014 since, in my previous position as a contracting authority, I was already collaborating with BG’s Infrastructure & Transport department. At BG, projects are often multidisciplinary and it’s nice to be able to count on the expertise of colleagues in other fields or units, who may be in France, Switzerland or Italy. I appreciate that BG is positioned in markets with high technical added value, as concerns design or monitoring of underground works and engineering structures, project management assistance or expertise.

I find it very motivating to participate in the development of large-scale projects such as the Grand Paris Express, the Lyon-Turin, the 3rd metro line of Toulouse, the hydroelectric facilities of the Sarenne or the underground laboratory of Bure for the storage of radioactive waste, but also lesser-known projects that enrich us just as much through their technical specificities or the human relations they generate.

Finally, I particularly enjoy working with dynamic teams who are passionate about the projects in which they are involved and always ready to progress and develop concepts adapted to each project.

Nathalie MoninUnit Head, Infrastructure Major Works France, Aix-les-Bains, France - BG Ingénieurs Conseils - BG Ingénieurs Conseils

Alain Piguet

I have been with BG for thirty years. I am a project manager in water treatment, more specifically in the construction of treatment plants, and I’ve worked with all construction trades. I like to describe myself as a “generalist” specialist engineer. It’s this multidisciplinary aspect that’s the real challenge in my job, enriching in all respects.

Thanks to BG, I have been able to work on large and spectacular projects and, for me, the “BG family” represents a fundamental value: being able to count on high-level specialists to resolve difficulties, even the most complex ones, which we encounter on a daily basis. I look forward to its next few years in an equally exhilarating way to meet the new challenges of our professions in the face of the “modern” digital world and to contribute a little of my experience…

Alain PiguetProject Manager in the field of water treatment, Geneva, Switzerland - BG Ingénieurs Conseils - BG Ingénieurs Conseils

Léo Henrioud

Since joining the Structures group at BG, I have learned a lot. In fact, whether in projects in the execution phase or in the pre-project phase, the responsibilities entrusted to me as well as the follow-up put in place by BG, have allowed me to quickly gain experience.

In addition, with a HES diploma, it’s quite easy to find work. All the courses taken at HES are valuable tools that allow me to better understand situations and problems confronted on a daily basis.

Léo HenrioudProject Engineer, Buildings and Energy, Lausanne, Switzerland – BG Ingénieurs Conseils - BG Ingénieurs Conseils

Helen Saunders

I started at BG at the beginning of 2018 as a Structures project manager in the construction sector. Working on multidisciplinary projects are technically and organizationally complex continues to fascinate me; problem solving, coordination, innovation and communication are at the heart of our daily activities at BG, and the redevelopment of the Cheneviers incineration plant here in Geneva is no exception. Following my arrival from England, the team helped me to improve my language level and develop a good understanding of Swiss processes. Similarly, being able to share my own international experiences with my colleagues and transfer my skills to this new environment have been very rewarding. Our internal organization adapts according to the needs of our clients and the evolution of available technologies to help us create efficient and high-quality structures, whether it is advances in BIM, new products or new construction methods. I look forward to participating in these next challenges!

Helen SaundersProject Manager Structures in the field of construction, Geneva, Switzerland – BG Ingénieurs Conseils - BG Ingénieurs Conseils

Celine Delaloye

Within my unit, I have the opportunity to work on multifaceted projects, both in terms of scale and the field of activity.

The mandates make it possible to cover a wide range of activities, such as field work in rivers, hydraulic modelling, or work monitoring. So, days are never boring!

Being an actor on projects with a real impact on our environment is very rewarding and brings a real added value to my work.

Civil engineering is a multidisciplinary field that is constantly evolving. For me, this represents a source of daily motivation and the opportunity to continuously acquire new skills.

Celine DelaloyeProject Engineer, Water and Environment Switzerland, Lausanne, Switzerland – BG Ingénieurs Conseils - BG Ingénieurs Conseils

Miguel Abril

At BG since 2014, I enjoy the technical and organizational challenges that punctuate my work. Responding to the challenges of highly complex, multidisciplinary projects while providing quality services and assisting clients throughout the project phases are what particularly motivate me.

Miguel AbrilProject Manager in the electromechanical field of road and rail installations, Paris, France – BG Ingénieurs Conseils - BG Ingénieurs Conseils

Bruno Blaser

I have worked at BG for nine years as a site manager, and the development of specifications for complex job sites as well as the supervision and management of various very interesting job sites, large or small, are part of my daily work. I also particularly like the great teamwork and solidarity of my colleagues in Schwyz, as well as the many new challenges that arise on a construction site every day.

Bruno BlaserInfrastructure and Transport Technician, Schwyz, Switzerland - BG Ingénieurs Conseils

Aurélie Legros

I have worked at BG since 2006, as a project manager, project owner and group leader. I appreciate being able to organize and manage teamwork and help colleagues to advance, while managing to perform my own activities in accordance with the assignments, time frames and expectations of our clients, whether internal or external. This represents a real challenge on a daily basis … I also juggle the functions of internal quality auditor, staff representative for BG France, and trainer of future BG Project Managers, at the BG Academy for the “Project Management” module. This is very enriching for me because it allows me to meet regularly with colleagues from other French-speaking sites, discover their projects, their areas of expertise and skills and also to share my own experiences.

Aurélie LegrosHead of the Water Treatment Group Paris in the Eau France unit, Paris, France - BG Ingénieurs Conseils

A great company to work for