Governance at BG: demanding and modern

BG Bonnard & Gardel Holding SA is a public limited company under Swiss law. It owns all of its subsidiaries and holds stakes in partner companies.

The company applies governance principles that meet the most modern management requirements:

  • A long-term strategic vision is defined for the benefit of the entire company ecosystem.
  • The roles of Chair of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer are separated.
  • Three to five independent, non-operational directors make up the Board of Directors.
  • The Corporate Social Responsibility policy is the subject of a report presented to the shareholders by the Board of Directors.
  • A Risk and Audit Committee of the Board of Directors carries out regular audits and monitoring of financial and IT risks.
  • Management remuneration is defined by a specific committee of the Board of Directors (NRC). It also validates appointments to the Board.
  • Performance is encouraged through an appropriate remuneration model.
  • A profit-sharing scheme allows the fruits of success to be shared.

Partners committed to the company's progress

The BG Group’s partners are executives responsible for running the company or internationally renowned experts. They are appointed by the Board of Directors. With their leadership skills and high level of competence, they contribute to BG’s success and reputation. The partners actively participate in defining the Group’s strategy and are substantially involved in its implementation. Together they own a significant share of the company’s capital.

Mission and composition of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors exercises the top management of the BG Group by defining the Group’s medium-term strategy and annual objectives. It determines the general organisation and the principles of accounting and financial control. It appoints and dismisses the executive managers, supervises the persons in charge of the management and draws up the management report. It delegates to a Nomination and Remuneration Committee the settlement of personal matters and to a Risk and Audit Committee the supervision of the auditing, controlling and risk management activities. It delegates the day-to-day management of the business to the Chair or the President of the Executive Board.

The current composition of the Board of Directors:

BG's General Management: a united team at the service of a major Group

Leadership is not just a question of people, but of a team. This spirit fully motivates BG’s management, which defines the Group’s strategy and objectives with the Board and implements them.

Pierre EparsPrésident de la Direction Générale

More than 60 years of passion