Boost My Startup Challenge – decarbonization takes centre stage in the 3rd edition!

The Boost My Startup Challenge, a collaboration between BG Ingénieurs Conseils – a WSP company – and UBS, once again attracted the interest of innovative start-ups! Five of them were selected to present their products to a jury of entrepreneurs and to investors on October 12 at UBS. This year’s winner was Emissium, a Valais-based start-up active in the field of decarbonation.

A vital solution in today’s climate change context

The jury, made up of Pierre Epars and Anne-Claire Pliska, respectively CEO and Director of Strategic Planning and Innovation, Jan Lederhausen from UBS’s Growth Advisory unit, Eric Plan, Secretary General of Cleantech Alps, Marcel Egger, member of the SICTIC Board of Directors, and Katka Letzig, CEO of Kickstart Innovation, and after lengthy deliberation opted for the start-up Emissium, aligned with two of WSP BG’s major areas of development: data and decarbonization.

Emissium develops solutions in the challenging context of climate change by offering a software that enables the precise detection of the sources of greenhouse gas emissions in companies or energy suppliers, in the goal of reducing them. By working with high-quality data, Emissium enables the identification of indirect emissions controlled (scope 2) or not (scope 3) by the various players and thus the understanding of the environmental impact which is the starting point for setting decarbonization targets and strategies.

The four other start-ups in the running

Enerdrape, a start-up developing the first panel to capture geothermal heat in underground environments;

ExerGo, innovating in the field of sustainable heating and cooling networks;

Quanthome, working to democratize information and data in the construction sector;

SmartHelio, improving the performance of solar power plants through an AI-powered integration process.

Congratulations to the winning team and our warmest thanks to all the participating start-ups, to the members of the jury, to our network of partners (Startupticker.chImpact Hub GenevaCleantechAlpsEPFL Innovation ParkInnovaud, SICTIC) and to the people who helped organize this edition: Maéva Mouton, Sabine Chamoun, Anne-Claire Pliska, Pascale Grossmann, Mael Péquignot and Philippe Schlegel from UBS.