BG delivers cutting-edge engineering solutions for the healthcare industry and formulates expert proposals for the design, development and operation of the hospitals and research laboratories of tomorrow.

However ambitious your local healthcare project may be, BG will be with you every step of the way: reviewing the requirements of hospitals, healthcare centres and laboratories; integrating new healthcare practices into the design of the healthcare centres and units; incorporating new digital technologies into projects; making sure that every aspect of future healthcare and research centres is designed to prioritise patient experience.

European leader in the design of hospitals

The healthcare industry is adapting to a number of structural changes and social pressures:

  • The ageing population and rise in chronic diseases in Western countries.
  • The accelerating impact of health innovations
  • The development of e-health, telehealth and virtual healthcare

These effects are not limited to the West. They are global. The market valuation of the healthcare industry is one of the most attractive on American and Asian stock exchanges.

After spending decades refining its expertise of the industry, BG has become a European leader in this field. It combines a mastery of production standards, experience of complex techniques and a passion for innovation.

Multi-disciplinary approach

The engineering consultancy services that the BG Group offers throughout Europe are unique in so far as they cover a comprehensive range of trades and practices and fashion suitable solutions for complex projects. Do the right thing by your healthcare project and bring us on board. Don’t forget we can offer the finest expertise of controlled atmospheres, robotics and digital technology; an ability to integrate innovative processes into projects and organisations; and a proven track record of developing smart buildings. As a pioneer and influencer in its field of activity, BG actively contributes to a number of associations and working groups which aim to anticipate needs and define the framework and conditions for development:

  • Contribution to the creation of a Design & Digital sub-committee of UAFS
  • Management of a “Governance” sub-committee of the “Smart Hospital at SBA – Smart Building Alliance” committee

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