Producing and managing drinking water

Demand for drinking water will inevitably rise as population density increases and the number of consumers consequently grows. For that reason, water networks are in frequent and constant need of upgrade work.

With decades of experience in the field, the Group proficiently manages the process of delivering and purifying water, and optimises water quality.  However, effective management alone is not enough given the complexity of the process. Before reaching its destination, the water is treated in several stages to ensure that it is available and fit for consumption:

  • Collection;
  • Delivery to the treatment plant;
  • Treatment via screening and chlorination;
  • Storage in tanks;
  • Delivery to networks and distribution.

Every stage overseen by BG

BG Ingénieurs Conseils draws on its expertise at every stage of the chain to ensure that infrastructure is based on technical requirements and developments.

Our services in this field cover the various stages of the project, including:

  • Producing a General Water Disposal Plan (PGEE);
  • Producing master plans and blueprints;
  • Expert assessments of resources and devising protective and improvement measures;
  • Designing production and treatment plants, storage structures and networks;
  • Hydrodynamic modelling and optimising water distribution;
  • Electricity, measurements, control and adjustment of infrastructure;
  • Planning, engineering and supervision of works up to the point at which technical approval is formally acknowledged;
  • Overall assessment of infrastructure, self-inspection and risk analysis;
  • GIS applied to drinking water;
  • Optimising the energy efficiency of networks.

In respect of water treatment, we employ cutting-edge technology and master the technique and engineering of treatment processes. We offer expert advice on suitable treatments for micropollutants, arsenic and other pollutants. The solutions proposed by our hydraulics and energy management experts are also designed to optimise the operation and management of your network.

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