Combining BIM, BMS, CMMS and ERP

By adopting a BIM-based approach to design, construction and operation of industrial buildings, it is possible to combine the structural information of buildings with the functional information of several networks (communication, cooling and heating production and distribution, compressed air circuit, lifts, etc.) under a single model and a single working environment, and to benefit from a shared documentary base. Other benefits include energy control, cooperation between networks and traceability, not least in terms of operation.

Besides the links between CMMS and ERP, the advantages associated with the BIM-based approach and its integrated BMS represent one of the two ways in which to improve performance in the context of the transition to Industry 4.0.

Industrial buildings and their environment, broadly speaking, have become essential components in the production system: flow management (materials, energy, people), compliance with regulations, information distribution (networks, etc.) and overall energy performance. For that reason, they must be operated and maintained as such.

Advanced technical modelling of the environment is therefore necessary before designing, optimising or operating a production line. This will also be an essential step on the road to reconfigurable modular factories.

We are therefore contributing to the convergence of operational management systems. In the future, no longer will it be the case that the CMMS for production and another system for overall site management are two different systems. In tomorrow’s world, when a single approach is adopted to coordinate the “smart” building and the building of the production lines, the BG Group will have the expertise to oversee the convergence of data in the BIM environment.

Optimising the overall performance of an industrial production site

By integrating BMS, CMMS and ERP into a single platform, which we call BOS (Building Operating System), all the technical and functional characteristics of a building are processed under a single system, the benefits of which are:

  • facilitating the transfer of data about the building or manufacturer’s equipment to the operator;
  • helping maintenance operators to locate every piece of equipment on the basis of 3D visualisation software, and quick access to technical files;
  • reporting information about property maintenance to the owner in real time;
  • managing stocks with a view to scheduling maintenance tasks.

The BOS is not only a data management platform, but also a platform that can be used to develop, roll out and facilitate the use of applications that use or enhance data.

In conjunction with our partners, we have developed BOS solutions which have already gone live:

  • A prototype developed alongside AMICS is used in the field of purification plants and drinking water networks.
  • A system developed by Spinalcom is used in buildings that embrace extensive technology integration, and in health laboratories.

We would be delighted to share our experience with you and analyse the potential of integrating this approach into your project.

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