It's time to work together!

Since our creation, BG has evolved and expanded, providing real engineering solutions in various sectors of activity. We have cultivated the spirit of creativity within our units and teams, reflected in every stage of our mandates. We act in a collaborative and cross-functional manner to create internal synergies and enable our employees to make the most of their knowledge and skills. We foster an atmosphere of trust and ensure that every employee benefits from the expertise and resources of all staff. Being multidisciplinary is part of our DNA and strongly shapes our identity at BG Consulting Engineers.

An inspiring working environment

Our employees are offered excellent opportunities for personal development within a working environment that respects their well-being. Our collaborators are thereby encouraged and inspired to excel, thus guaranteeing our clients impeccable services. BG is active in many countries. The wide range of fields offers employees the opportunity to express their talent in varied and multidisciplinary projects. The work is exciting and supported by suitable remuneration.

… to achieve a shared, noble, and meaningful goal

BG’s strength lies in the ability of our employees to pool their knowledge and commitment to develop a sustainable living environment and to take part in a dynamic, cutting-edge structure that encourages initiative and entrepreneurial freedom. Whatever the position, the men and women of the Group constitute BG’s core competencies: a remarkable collective intelligence.

Source of motivation and sense of belonging

The BG Group is owned by its employees, managers, and management. We have a very flat organisational structure and are financially autonomous. Each employee can buy shares within the company, which BG then guarantees to buy back when they leave the Group. BG doesn’t pay a dividend, so much of the profit goes into the value of the share, making this an excellent investment. BG Group has more than 30 Partners consisting of top management and international experts, for whom the investment in shares was a requisite.

A great company to work for