Energy infrastructure

Global energy consumption has doubled since the 1980s and demand continues on an upward trajectory. The development of energy production, distribution and transformation infrastructure is therefore essential to meet supply requirements.

By energy infrastructure, we mean:

  1. heat and cold production and distribution infrastructure.
  2. electricity production and distribution infrastructure.

As energy and environmental regulations become more stringent, and as fossil fuel and electricity prices are expected to rise, solutions have to be found at a local level, in so far as they enable long-term operating expenses to remain stable, reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Heating and cooling networks

We work with you to develop your multi-fluid heating/cooling energy infrastructure and consider the range of potential primary energy sources: biomass, hydrothermal & thalasso-thermal, solar, geothermal, biogas, etc.

We also develop tempered systems to make better use of renewable energies, and energy networks, in which we exploit “lost energies” associated with the daily operations of buildings, waste heat of industrial facilities, waste heat from air conditioning units, solar energy absorbed by façades and roofs, etc.

Electricity distribution networks

In addition to the decentralised deployment of renewable energy production facilities across the territory, the beginning of self-consumption, electrical networks must reconsider the conditions of their stability, based in no small part on the generation of production and consumption data, and energy storage solutions.

The development of renewable energies, characterised by the irregularity and unpredictability of their production which is at the mercy of the weather, represents a significant challenge for electrical networks. Fostered by a new legislative framework, the concept of self-consumption will also be a challenge, to the extent that micro-networks constitute pockets in the networks with which they will interact, either to offload excess production from time to time, or to collect energy when local production is insufficient.
The increasing availability of data and their exploitation in real time are key to the success of future resilience. Make us your partner of choice for the management of micro-networks, the implementation of consumer organisations, local storage of produced energy for better network stability, etc.

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