Road structures: when engineering becomes an art form

Road structures, or when experience becomes as important as theoretical knowledge.

The term “road structures” covers several types of civil engineering structure which preserve the continuity or the protection of roads and highways. It also refers to constructions designed to protect them from (or allow them to take advantage of) water and the earth, in particular when it comes to hydro-electricity.

Engineering is an art form too!

In their design and implementation, these structures require knowledge that can only be acquired through experience; knowledge which goes beyond the purely theoretical aspects and calculations developed over the past two centuries. We mustn’t forget however that the first bridges and civil engineering structures were built under the Romans, such as the Gard Bridge and its aqueduct, which was operational until the fifth century AD.

The BG Group is a respected player in the road structure engineering and construction sector, with extensive experience in the transport sector, energy, and environmental protection.

Road structures: a key economic, technical and societal issue

Road structures offer a range of functions which impact a region’s economic growth, as well as its societal and environmental development.

Road, rail and foot bridges link up existing routes for rail and road transport, while also helping promote green transport and providing safe passage for wildlife. This helps improve local quality of life and helps protect our regional biodiversity.

Designing, building and maintaining these structures is a highly complex operation:

  • They must offer both form and function, guaranteeing the structure’s basic purpose and providing essential safety to its users,
  • They must be suited to the local topography, in particular any waterways they cross,
  • They require the coordination of a wide range of businesses, authorities and organisations,
  • They involve fully integrated equipment and superstructures,

They require regular monitoring to mitigate structural degradation.

The BG Group is also an internationally renowned player in the construction and development of tunnels (whether underground or overground), another key road structure. Whether buried deep underground or bored deep into rock, our teams are here to help with your road, rail and highway transport tunnel projects, as well as your energy production infrastructure.

We have completed a number of iconic projects in this sector:

  • The Grand Paris Express, which has remodelled mobility in the Greater Paris region,
  • The Euralpin Lyon Turin Tunnel, a key rail link for European logistics,
  • The Nant de Drance dam, with a production of xxx GWh of green electricity every year,
  • The CEVA line,
  • The Lötschberg Tunnel,
  • The Evouettes Tunnel,
  • The tunnels in the iconic Route de l’Axe in central Switzerland.

We are also here to help with other construction projects:

  • Anti-avalanche and anti-blockage tunnels, for which we have developed considerable expertise – in particular in the field of stress dispersion.
  • Covered trenches,
  • Noise barriers near major road networks,
  • High-level road backfill, plus retaining walls

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