Managing materials

The world has reached a critical point in its use of natural resources. In line with legal developments, the mineral materials produced during excavation and drilling operations, the land from industrial wastelands, etc. are no longer qualified as waste that is to be managed, but increasingly as raw materials. This paradigm shift serves both ecological objectives and performance targets.

By sorting, processing and using soil and excavation materials, it is possible not only to save raw materials, but also to reduce related transport journeys and costs.

From demolition to reuse, from disposal to use

In light of the volumes produced, and in compliance with environmental directives, the management of these materials must be optimised to mitigate their environmental impact. BG Consulting Engineers assists its customers to optimise the use of excavation materials based not only on their properties, but also on work organisation plans.

Having developed a clear understanding of regulatory aspects, BG Consulting Engineers supports you during every project phase and offers the following services:

  • Devising an overarching materials management strategy;
  • Geological/geotechnical studies;
  • Identifying and defining the scope of possible recovery schemes;
  • Proposing excavation material management scenarios and modelling;
  • Determining the infrastructure needed to transform the materials and store them on a temporary basis;
  • Civil engineering research and design in respect of deposit sites;
  • Optimising transport by favouring “sustainable” modes (by river and railway) and setting out the modes of transportation and routes;
  • Eliminating all contaminated materials and waste in accordance with laws and regulations currently in force;
  • Producing final reports to certify the traceability of the waste.

BG Consulting Engineers also helps its customers to develop contractual mechanisms which make necessary provision for the effective use of materials during construction.

The excavation materials produced by large underground tunnelling projects should no longer be qualified as waste, but as a natural resource. Irrespective of the size of the project, BG Consulting Engineers works in conjunction with its customers to optimise the use of materials as early as the design and contractual phases.

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