Our changing environment: a source of inspiration and motivation

Like all companies, the BG group is confronted with external influences that impact its direction and development. Fundamental changes are taking place in the world around us. It is a rapid and profound transformation, marked by three major shifts:

  • Global warming
  • Digitisation
  • Urbanisation

All engineering companies are directly affected by these changes.

  • First, engineers – and BG is no exception – are among the best placed to imagine, design and implement the solutions that will provide answers to these major societal challenges.
  • Second, these transformations are bringing about structural changes in our economic sector, impacting both the clients and the firms providing them with engineering services. To keep up, we need to invest and innovate in order to respond to the growing concern for sustainability and to succeed in integrating more and more digital functionalities into the services offered.

In line with its vision, BG intends to turn these trends into opportunities. In the coming years, BG will therefore strive to mobilise its know-how and available resources for the benefit of the community and its employees.

A wealth of experience as a legacy

In almost 70 years of existence, BG Ingénieurs Conseils has grown from an office founded by two EPFL professors to a multinational company with 650 employees and active in many Western European markets. “Typical BG” characteristics have developed over the years into our hallmark, which differentiates us from our competitors and gives us our own identity with our clients.

Our strength lies in imagining and delivering tailored proposals for our clients, which are also a source of motivation for all our employees.

The strengths that allow us to stand out

  • Our multidisciplinary approach: Our integrated approach offers cross-disciplinary and sustainable solutions to complex challenges. We bring together skills and expertise to implement large multidisciplinary projects.
  • Our market knowledge and network: Our group combines its expertise in the engineering sector with its in-depth knowledge of the Swiss and French markets. Our strategy is thought out globally and implemented by adapting to local conditions (“glocal” positioning)
  • Our integrative and creative engineering: Combining our engineering and assembly skills, we develop integrated and creative solutions, which we offer with pragmatism and reliability.
  • Our innovation and digital skills: We create new services, in particular through our digital skills and a network with universities and startups
  • Our expertise, human capital and references: We have strong technical expertise, high-level management skills, solid references and top-quality educational qualifications and professional experience.
  • Our leadership in Switzerland, with a strong presence in France: We have a long history of operating in a bi-national culture, which gives us the ability to operate successfully in both countries.

Tomorrow is already today

By 2030, BG Ingénieurs Conseils will be a visionary partner for major societal issues, capable of carrying out complex projects and cross-disciplinary solutions at the interface of the various business lines and of proposing innovative and sustainable solutions with high added value. By leveraging data, we will combine our expertise in the fields of energy, mobility, housing, health and natural resource management with our engineering know-how and our digital and financial skills.

More than 60 years of passion