Urban Transport

Urban transport refers to the different modes of transportation you may come across in an urban area or conurbation:

  • public transport (bus, tramway, underground)
  • individual motorised transport
  • soft mobility such as walking, cycling, scooters, etc.

The corresponding facilities are developed in view of the following considerations:

  • high population density, getting higher all the time
  • high geographic density: urban space has become a rare commodity; urban areas are going vertical
  • a high density of economic activities which requires optimised flow management not only for transit, but also for the “last mile”

Mobility is an important consideration both in the spatial and temporal use of space. Let’s work together to limit this space and consequently improve quality of life in urban areas.


Urban space used more effectively to decarbonise urban mobility

The effectiveness and efficiency of urban transport in an urban area or conurbation, and the success of any town planning project, hinge on the local authority’s ability to plan ahead and its understanding of commuters’ needs. It must have access to a network of high-quality, modern and bespoke infrastructure (lanes and signals synchronised for individual vehicles, lines and lanes of buses, trams and/or underground rail for cities, telecommunication and information processing infrastructure, in order to centralise the management of public transport and provide passenger information, etc.).

The BG Group has worked with several cities to deliver comprehensive traffic management solutions and devise mobility strategies in Swiss and French conurbations; the Group has acquired extensive experience in urban transport consultancy and the development of corresponding mobile infrastructure.

The BG Group shares its multi-disciplinary expertise in the field of urban transport infrastructure planning, construction, operation and maintenance. Its expertise covering not only civil engineering, but also electromechanics and industrial automatic systems, enables the Group to offer its customers turnkey solutions to optimise mobility flows in urban settings. The range of services we offer our customers and partners therefore includes:

  • Traffic management in cities and urban areas
  • Development of multi-modal transport hubs
  • Design and project management for underground lines, in respect of geotechnics, drifting, and automatic systems
  • Urban developments to optimise bus routes; bringing bus stops into compliance with disabled passenger regulations (LHand)
  • Designing and optimising cycle lanes

Our expertise in Transport Infrastructure and Mobility

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