State-of-the-art correctional facilities

The justice system is facing many challenges, including overcrowding in prisons, improving the security of premises, integrating new technologies, addressing new IT security risks, improving conditions for prisoners, undertaking energy-efficient renovations of buildings, modularity, etc.

Developing multi-dimensional skills in response to regulatory requirements

The construction of new prisons or renovation of existing correctional facilities must factor in several considerations:

  • rationalisation of the space occupied by detention centres, to the extent that infrastructure is grouped together across a limited number of sites;
  • an ability to adapt the capacity of detention centres to the requirements of public authorities (inmate numbers, respect for the diversity of the prison population and individual personality, etc.);
  • the energy-efficient renovation of buildings;
  • securing and modernising infrastructure based in no small part on the use of new technologies (video surveillance, biometric identification, etc.);

The BG Group has acquired the experience and expertise to deliver solutions tailored to the specific planning and renovation needs of a detention centre:

  • Conceptualisation of correctional facilities
  • Flow management in respect of people belonging to different categories of detainees (male/female; minors/adults; criminal/civil, etc.).
  • Energy and materials management
  • Integration of appropriate surveillance infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity

Our multi-disciplinary and comprehensive expertise of all types of buildings

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