Office and retail space is on the way to becoming "smart"

I have a meeting today at 10.30 a.m. at a client’s office 30 km away. I reserve a vehicle on the co-working app I have used for 2 years. Hey presto! No need to look for keys. The vehicle is accessed and paid for via the same application.

This is an example of the extent to which our working environments and professional tasks have become digitalised

The labour market and the working environment have been profoundly affected by the digital revolution, changes in lifestyles, the needs of generations Y and Z, individualism, the shortage of specialised labour and remote working.

These factors apply to retail space which needs to adapt to the increasingly digitised lives of customers, and therefore deliver integrated solutions in order to improve the customer experience.

Office and retail space is entering the 4.0 era

Smart buildings are designed on the basis of anticipated user services: services for employees in office spaces and services for customers in retail spaces.

Digital architecture is “data-based”: from installed sensors/actuators to communication networks, data storage systems, tools used to process the data and finally visualisation platforms and associated services.

In view of our expertise of the various building trades, we are in the perfect position to facilitate the transition towards smart buildings integrating user experiences.

With 7D BIM, which factors in the operation phase from the earliest stages of design, it is possible to anticipate user services and integrate digital bases at a very early stage in the project.

Drawing on the integrated structural and digital skills that the Group has acquired in the private property and public building sectors, BG has contributed to the following emblematic projects:

  • Banque Pictet Campus in Geneva
  • Helix in Zug
  • Zölly Tower in Zurich

Our multi-disciplinary and comprehensive expertise of all types of buildings

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