Managing waste

While the world currently produces 2 billion tons of waste a year, this figure could rise by more than 1 billion by 2050. As attitudes to recycling remain somewhat haphazard, it is more important than ever to develop new approaches to the management and processing of this waste.

As our energy needs inevitably rise, it is becoming more and more critical that we repurpose our waste for energy production uses, whatever its origin (waste collected by municipal authorities or waste produced by industry, hospitals, wastewater treatment plants or construction sites); and that we promote smart energy recovery methods in the interests of social, economic and environmental considerations. These methods can, for instance, create value since waste heat can be used by a municipal heating network or biogas can be produced for the natural gas network.

The issues and our solutions

Waste is managed at every stage of the product life cycle: from the design of these products and their related packaging, to the organisation of selective collections, sorting, recovery and disposal…the management of these processes requires multi-disciplinary skills and expertise. While our Group is not directly involved in the design of end products, we are able to provide support during treatment processes and the various phases of waste recovery unit construction projects:

  • Design, from feasibility to development of the construction project;
  • Construction and restoration according to safety and environmental criteria;
  • Operation and maintenance planning;
  • Innovative concepts underpinned by the passion of BG Ingénieurs Conseils for the circular economy and sustainable development; these concepts are always woven into the fabric of our projects.

In this capacity, the BG Group is a cross-disciplinary and pioneering leader of the waste recovery sector, not least in view of the numerous projects to which it has contributed and the expertise it has developed. As one of our core values is environmental responsibility, we offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Layout studies involving assessments of potential sites (schedule of quantities, sample analysis, safety measurements, etc.);
  • Analysis of requirements and resources, proposed scenarios and feasibility study
  • Construction of treatment facility (ozonation, strainpress, gravity belt) or upgrading if necessary.
  • Maintenance planning
  • Audit and expert reports

BG’s commitment to this field of waste management, not least through the prism of optimised recovery, dates back many years and it deploys highly qualified teams to support major projects in this field.

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