Fundamental changes in medical centres

Future hospitals will have to adapt to new patient requirements and the constraints – particularly economic – of public authorities. As such, they will be required to manage patient capacity in the context of an ageing population, optimise patient experiences not only in hospital, but also before and after their admission, introduce the processes and provide the resources needed to take care of patients, or even design infrastructure to guarantee the suitable working conditions of hospital staff. They will need to overcome the following challenges:

  • Redefining the targets of every health centre to account for healthcare and treatment quality. In other words, making hospitals more humane.
  • Supporting ambulatory care and improving reception services, experiences, comfort on-site care, the return of patients to their homes and long-term follow-up in conjunction with practitioners operating in other clinics and units.
  • Improving flow management (people, data, medication, economic transactions) and the effectiveness of the treatment provided to every patient by streamlining stages and optimising processes.
  • Creating new economic models (third-party activities on site, financing mechanism, enhancing cooperation between healthcare centres, etc.) to reinvent hospitals as centres integrated into the urban fabric.
  • Completely overhauling the organisation of hospitals and/or their buildings to increase their flexibility and reduce their operating costs.

An approach tailored to your present and future needs

In view of this observation and the expected changes in hospitals, the BG Group, with its multi-disciplinary skills and experience, offers the following solutions:

  • Hospital project management which brings together all project stakeholders under BIM
  • Parametrised digital integration of biomedical equipment
  • Technical know-how and expertise of controlled atmospheres
  • Characterisation and management of automated and robotic flows
  • Digital integration and surgical robotics
  • Optimised patient care ranging from the automated counter to the secure management of patient data

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