A systematic approach to risk control

Identifying and controlling risks

As industrialisation and urbanisation continue unabated, the risks associated with natural, industrial and technological hazards are rising. Risk management is therefore a challenge that our society must overcome and a key consideration for engineering moving forward. We are able to reduce and manage risks and transform the source of the hazard into a controlled and residual threat. The Group is keen to share its multi-disciplinary expertise in risk analysis, assessment and management for the benefit of your project, your internal operations and your production processes.

The response to risk requires multi-disciplinary

All sectors of activity need to make a concerted effort to keep people safe, protect the environment and look after our infrastructure: We have developed a tried and tested methodology and acquired the expertise required to manage risks in any type of project. A systemic and integral approach needs to be adopted to risk reduction, whether that involves introducing preventive measures, controlling the scope of the incident or focusing on the recovery phase.

Managing risks by identifying, reducing and limiting their impact

Risk management is a complex and multi-faceted domain. It has become an essential discipline and represents a growing challenge for businesses. The BG Group provides a comprehensive package of risk management services.

Natural Risks

  • Flooding and torrential rainfall
  • Falling rocks and landslides
  • Earthquakes
  • Avalanches
  • Lightning

Technological risks

  • Oil depots, industrial facilities, transport of hazardous materials by road, rail, pipeline (toxic discharges,
    explosions, fires)
  • Road and rail tunnels, the underground
  • Building fire safety, trespassing, malicious acts
  • Accidental and chronic pollution: water, air, soil (health and environmental impacts)
  • Complex infrastructure (dam failures, power outages)
  • etc.

Engineers inevitably face natural or technological risks every single day. However, they are able to reduce and manage their effects. Risk management is about controlling and mitigating the effects of the threat.

Our public and private customers include public services, industries, infrastructure operators (motorways, rail networks, energy production), some financial institutions (banks, insurers) and other organisations active in the field of research or international cooperation.

BG has an ace up its sleeve in so far as it has the capacity to act during every phase of the life cycle of the structure: assessments and preliminary studies, project studies and invitations to tender, monitoring of project sites and, last but not least, operation assistance.

Finally, the BG Group’s offer is unique in that it not only establishes preliminary risk assessment procedures on behalf of authorities, but also oversees any resulting studies.

Understanding operations to improve maintenance planning and performance

BG’s engineers will initially make every effort to develop a clear understanding of the operational intricacies of an industrial site or an existing or future facility. It is important to understand these practices for the purposes of integrating them directly into the design and optimising the structure at every stage of its life cycle. We draw on our experience to review the processes of a facility and accurately identify the customer’s needs and constraints.

Depending on the sectors considered, while the nomenclature may change, the basic principles remain the same. The BG Group shares its systematic experience of managing industrial production lines, services for building users, energy plants (waste recovery, hydroelectric power, etc.), road and motorway checkpoints, engineering structures, etc.

Operations engineering to improve the overall performance of your facility and infrastructure

The BG Group’s approach initially involves delving into its customer’s organisation and developing a clear understanding of existing or anticipated operations. This strategy enables BG to get to grips with the processes of a facility, to identity interactions between stakeholders and, on this basis, accurately identify needs and constraints.

BG can design and help its customers to design computer-aided maintenance (CAM) systems or, better still, systems based on a BIM model. The resulting data can be used to optimise maintenance activities and modify the maintenance plan accordingly.

The Group’s value proposition covers a number of services intended to improve the overall performance of an industrial facility or the operation of infrastructure:

  • Audits, inspections, assessments
  • Devising maintenance plans, establishing ranges and operating procedures, implementing maintenance indicators
  • Assisting with maintenance planning, helping to establish minimum operating conditions related to maintenance activities, providing training courses
  • Implementing CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) integrated in BIM environments
  • RAMS studies, assistance to improve systems reliability

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