Private property and public buildings in the building industry

Since the building industry is affected by climate change, town planning and urbanisation, new standards, etc., it will have its work cut out to meet its net-zero commitments by 2050.

Great expectations in the building industry

In response to this epic challenge, the construction of new builds and the refurbishment of run-down structures will need to focus on the following two aspects:

  • Sustainability throughout the life cycle of the building: passive building, integration of renewable energy production, optimised building practices during all stages of project work, materials-based innovation, etc.
  • Use of the building: whether the building is intended for residential or technical purposes, for instance industrial buildings, hospitals, hotels, administrative offices, research units, commercial outlets or recreational spaces, its construction must take account of users’ requirements.

Towards new building models

The building industry is central to the activities of the BG Group. Our solutions are customised to your particular project, whether it involves a private property or a public building:

  • Biomimetics involves emulating the properties of living organisms and subsequently applying them to concepts, architecture or materials design.
  • The use of sustainable resources such as wood.
  • Logistics management during the project work phase.
  • Waste management during project construction phases.
  • The use of BIM during all project phases.
  • The application of standardised and certified practices.
  • Smart Buildings are able to optimise the management of energy sources, ventilation, comfort, etc.

In conjunction with new city models, these new methods enable the building industry to mitigate the adverse environmental effects of its activities.

Our multi-disciplinary and comprehensive expertise of all types of buildings

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