Multimodal mobility: thinking of mobility as a whole

As demand for mobility services and the transport of goods continues to rise, this situation is incompatible with the balanced management of limited natural and economic resources. In the interests of finding a compromise, we must reconsider our mobility strategy and adopt a holistic approach to travel based on a multimodal management model.

In France, Switzerland and other European countries, local authorities, public transport operators or government departments have launched initiatives to promote the development of comprehensive mobility solutions and to maximise the potential of existing infrastructure:

  • Economic approach: mobility pricing
  • 100% digital approach: multimodal applications providing access to information about mobility services
  • Infrastructure approach: flexibility of use during operation
  • Service approach: multimodal subscriptions

All of the above will probably, to one degree or another, be key to the success of multimodality, which will also depend on the efficient management of available infrastructure and resources.

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A solution covering all the complexities of mobility

Multi-modal initiatives must be developed in view of several factors of a behavioural, social, technological and infrastructural nature. The particular aim is to:

  • control increases in travel demand by influencing mobility practices
  • provide information about available transport offers in real time
  • reduce individual motorised journeys and replace them with shared mobility solutions, the use of public transport or other more environmentally sustainable modes of transportation
  • increase the flexibility of transport infrastructure during operation

In response to mobility challenges, we share our transport planning and socio-economic expertise for multimodal and intermodal mobility projects, in order to optimise road transport, rail transport and inland waterway transport, and to deliver integrated and sustainable solutions:

  • Prospective passenger and goods supply/demand studies, preliminary studies, master plans
  • Strategic analysis of developments in networks, passenger and goods traffic studies
  • Choice of transport systems and flow simulations
  • Accessibility studies, including compliance with regulations on individuals of reduced mobility, both in stations and as part of urban mobility developments
  • Transport infrastructure planning, including all trades
  • Technical-economic analysis during operation
  • Risk management

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