Creating cultural spaces which will come to symbolise their city

I like it when people think of the museum first and foremost as an extension of the city“,

Jean Nouvel, 2008 Pritzker prize winner, April 2014.


Often regarded as distinctive symbols of a city and characterised by a particular architectural value, cultural spaces attract people who are keen to explore the atypical features of buildings.

Does architecture take precedence over artistic collections and shows? Perhaps. But it now seems impossible to produce a design without taking into consideration the relationship between the internal and external aspects of a building.

Making culture chime with architecture and structure

The engineering projects of cultural spaces make every effort to push structural limits and embrace proposed forms in a bid to create a harmonious effect between the building’s architecture and the collection on display. The energy-efficient renovation of these buildings often has to accommodate the constraints of protected buildings.

The BG Group has contributed to the following emblematic projects:

  • Museum of Fine Arts in Reims
  • Musée du Luxembourg
  • Maison des Fondateurs of Audemars Piguet

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