Renewable sources of energy

Renewable sources of energy currently account for approximately 22% of total energy consumption in the world. In Europe, the share of renewables more than doubled between 2004 and 2020 and all sectors, ranging from heating to transport, have experienced double-digit growth, which augurs well for the prospect of achieving the 27% renewable energy target by 2030.

We contribute to this development by offering a diverse range of services geared towards the planning, construction and management of efficient energy production systems:

  • Hydroelectricity
  • Solar (heat, electrical)
  • Wood/biomass
  • Heat pumps and environmental heat (air, water or earth)
  • Waste heat (wastewater, etc.)
  • Waste (methanisation, incineration)

The technical and economic feasibility of renewable energies -by definition – largely depends on the local context in which the projects are carried out. Our understanding of the forces at play and market dynamics, which we have developed from our experiences in Switzerland, in France and elsewhere in the world, will help to shape our customers’ strategies.

Blue gold - the power of water

Hydroelectric power accounts for approximately one fifth of global electricity production. In view of the pumped storage configuration, it is also one of the only ways to store energy on a large scale. In addition to other conventional or renewable means of production and in light of its considerable flexibility and reliability, hydroelectricity is a major plus point for the regulation of interconnected electricity networks.

Unique facilities
As every hydroelectric facility is unique, the BG Group assembles a multi-disciplinary team of leading experts and specialists to oversee every technical, environmental and social aspect of your project.

Irrespective of the nature of your project, whether it be a small turbine installation on a drinking water network, a mammoth pumped storage project, or even the renewal of a licence, the BG Group helps you to unleash your hydroelectric potential in a completely sustainable fashion

Our solutions also cover multi-purpose developments such as flood protection works and irrigation or drinking water supply systems.

The sun - an immense energy source

The use of solar power as a renewable source of energy has become widespread and is promoted by public authorities. Solar farms are reliable and cost-effective and exploit the surface areas of unused roofs to produce renewable energy. As this energy can then be self-consumed, the need to expand the network is reduced.

BG liaises with you to assess the feasibility of a photovoltaic or thermal solar project and to formulate proposals to increase the cost-effectiveness of the project, by offering advice on available collection technology and roof or ground installation. Our experts subsequently monitor the development of your project, from the tender to the technical approval of the installation, and every stage in between.

The multiple virtues of wood

The complex problem of how to replace fossil energies requires a multi-dimensional solution, of which wood fuel is a part. It is renewable, C02 neutral and exploitable in numerous forms: logs, green or dry chips, granules or pellets. It is comparable to fossil energies in so far as it can be used in a wide range of ways, from household boilers to industrial steam production.

Wood fuel has considerable potential both for the production of thermal energy and electricity. BG has spearheaded projects of hundreds of kW at dozens of MW.

We should not forget… As it is a local resource, wood can serve as a new renewable energy source and, as such, create employment at a local or regional level.

The growing important of heat an energy source

Energy sourced from the environment (ambient air, water and soil) represents a potential renewable energy of colossal significance which may be developed at a lower cost in low-temperature distribution systems. More often than not, while this energy source is developed using heat pumps which restore it to the temperature of use, it may often be used directly through free-cooling systems.

This kind of energy is now universally available as municipal heat (geothermics), lake water or sea water distribution networks are built.
BG is perfectly placed to offer advice and undertake major projects given its experience of working on multiple complex projects to develop energy sourced from the environment or waste heat.

A game-changer for energy efficiency

The recovery of waste heat will have a significant impact on energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

BG has already devised a number of innovative waste heat recovery solutions:

Recovery of wastewater for heating or cooling via heat pumps

Recovery of waste heat from an energy waste recovery plant, or from industrial processes, etc.

Invaluable asset

After directly recyclable components have been extracted (glass, paper, cardboard, metals), the main deposits of urban waste have significant energy potential that BG helps to unleash on the basis of its innovative projects.

The following two aspects are predominantly developed:

  • Energy recovery of dry matter by direct combustion in a suitable furnace which generates heat and electricity,
  • Energy recovery of wet matter by methanisation, followed by a recovery of matter by composting, which produces biomethane and organic improver.

These forms of high-quality energy production (heat, electricity, and biomethane) are combined with cutting-edge techniques to protect the environment, in terms of air pollution, odour nuisances and noise.

BG has commissioned several co-digestion (sludge/biowaste) or methane re-injection units following purification.

We are currently overseeing the reconstruction of the largest waste energy recovery plant in France.

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