Urban hydraulics and wastewater disposal

All urban waters, whether they stem from rainfall, our homes, industrial activities, farming practices or any other source, pass through a drainage system before they are discharged into the natural environment. The complex system is carefully designed to supply populations and industries and, in particular, to dispose of wastewater or storm water. This final stage of the municipal water cycle plays a crucial role in the effort to prevent any adverse impact on the environment (pollution of watercourses) and public health.

Smart modelling of these systems improves the design and management of infrastructure (pipes, special structures, wastewater treatment plants, mechanical, biological, electrical and computer equipment, etc.).

Wastewater disposal: the end of a cycle

BG Consulting Engineers draws on its expertise and experience as it oversees all phases of water disposal and treatment projects, particularly by:

  • Producing a General Water Disposal Plan (PGEE);
  • Analysing existing networks;
  • Producing master plans and blueprints of disposal systems;
  • Managing the water table;
  • Conducting impact studies;
  • Modelling and optimising water transit;
  • Technical monitoring of disposal systems;
  • GIS applied to municipal infrastructure;
  • Hydraulic expert reports and modelling;
  • Network dynamic and intelligent control study.

BG Consulting Engineers has acquired extensive experience and developed a comprehensive understanding of wastewater treatment plant projects and of the various technical equipment involved in these projects (mechanical, electrical, etc.)

In view of current climatic conditions, the management of natural resources, particularly in urban areas, needs to be reassessed. The solutions delivered by the BG Group also factor in the impacts of climate change. Consequently, in the context of disposal, these solutions are increasingly based on the sponge city concept, in so far as they seek to accommodate blue and green infrastructure since they promote infiltration and retention in urban areas.

BG Consulting Engineers has also developed expertise in dynamic controls of networks in recent years. This process particularly increases the effectiveness of treatment plants, not least during periods of heavy rainfall, by reducing overflow. Dynamic control systems are also appropriate for the construction of the sponge cities of tomorrow.

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