Sporting values bringing us together and forged in our image

Sport brings people together and showcases honourable values such as respect, team spirit, total commitment, mental strength, courage, perseverance, etc.

Sports centres and their technical facilities are designed to prioritise not only the activities that they will offer, but also the flexibility of that offer.

Is it an outdoor venue with a capacity of 25,000? Is it an indoor complex?  Is it a purpose-built venue which is able to be repurposed following the event?

Regardless of the nature of your sporting infrastructure project, we will jointly assemble a team that is fully committed to overcoming technical and regulatory constraints, managing flows of spectators inside and outside the venue, implementing safety measures, etc. Our team will also work aesthetics into the design so that the project is suitable for its environment.

Skills for amateur and professional athletes alike

Sporting infrastructure requires a multi-disciplinary engineering approach: building, mobility, people and logistics flow management, compliance with safety regulations during operation phase, etc.

The BG Group has acquired extensive experience in the field of sporting infrastructure projects. Its contribution to projects at various Olympic Games (London, Sochi, JOJ2020 Lausanne, Beijing 2021, Paris 2024, etc.) and special projects for major sports facilities (such as Maison du Handball) is illustrative of the reputation that the group has forged in this field, and of the expertise that it has developed over the years.

Let’s team up to make your project a reality and give all professional and amateur athletes a platform from which to achieve sporting greatness!

Our multi-disciplinary and comprehensive expertise of all types of buildings

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