Polluted sites and soils

As industries continue to grow unabated and engage in new operating processes, the sites and soils on which they are based are unquestionably at greater risk of pollution. Since natural surroundings are exposed to liquid or gaseous waste, asbestos, lead, PCBs and other harmful products, a meticulous and comprehensive package of specific measures is required.

The management of pollutants represents a challenge that companies face more often than they would imagine: in anticipation of remediation work, land-use changes, industrial operations, etc., companies must carry out an assessment and introduce measures to reduce or counteract this pollution.

Our buzzword is "support"

A polluted site presents numerous risks, not only health risks, but also risks of a financial, legal and even reputational nature. In a bid to mitigate these risks, BG Consulting Engineers offers a comprehensive package of support measures designed to protect health and safety and guarantee compliance with regulations currently in force:

  • Conducting environmental audits and pollution assessments by way of a survey of the environment (surface or underground water, soils, ambient air, plant life, etc.);
  • Assisting the project management by drawing on BG’s expertise in the corresponding field;
  • Comprehensive project design and supervision of remediation works.

The upshot of the project is a healthy, safe and workable site, and recoverable resources. BG also sets its stall out to innovate in all fields in which it is active. As such, it is able to implement cutting-edge techniques and products in the management of polluted soils, such as:

  • Polluted land coverings to replace tarpaulin.
  • Tree trunk sample analysis to chart the pollution of underground waters.

BG’s experts provide strategic support at every stage of the process to cover all scientific, technical, regulatory and legal aspects, and to optimise not only the safety of the solution, but also the cost-effectiveness of the project for our customers.

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