A cornerstone of our societies

Teaching and education are the cornerstone of a fully functioning society and drive our economic growth. They promote autonomy, the capacity for independent action and thought, empowerment and integration in society. They contribute to a sense of collective well-being, to citizenship in action and to the sustainable development of society.

With responsibility for promoting collective intelligence to develop increasingly inter-sectoral activities, training and research campuses aim to create a space where groups can live, share experiences and innovate. The diverse combination of teaching, university research and start-up incubators establishes the conditions in which discoveries can be made and new business models can be developed.

Buildings offering services geared towards students and researchers

Education and research campuses including buildings, lecture theatres, classrooms, laboratories and business incubators, are central to the creation of dynamic learning environments. High-quality infrastructure improves educational outcomes (teaching and learning) and reduces drop-out rates and risks of social exclusion.

Teaching centres, research facilities and schools have to take on board different requirements:

  • Provide sufficient and, if possible, modular capacity
  • Provide areas where research and economic communities can interact and share experiences
  • Provide high-quality facilities and equipment which promote productivity
  • Deliver accommodation that meets the needs of students on site, and enhances the regional and national appeal of the campus.
  • Integrate accessibility into designs (proximity of transport, journey times for students, researchers, teaching staff and visitors)
  • Integrate digital tools into the design of establishments with a view to promoting remote or on-site interactive learning

BG’s comprehensive proposal has enabled the Group to acquire extensive experience in the development of teaching and educational establishments. It has worked on the following iconic projects:

  • Campus Mines Paris Tech
  • Campus Toulouse Business School
  • ArtLab, EPFL
  • Rolex Center, EPFL

Our multi-disciplinary and comprehensive expertise of all types of buildings

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