River installations and hydraulics

In terms of free surface water flows, there is a fine balance to strike. Indeed, installations that guard against rising water levels on the one hand, and protect and revitalise watercourses on the other, are often characterised by contradictory aims which must be reconciled in order to obtain optimised concepts for the watershed.

BG has extensive experience and practical knowledge of the following:

  • Protection against rising water levels and debris flows;
  • Watercourse revitalisation;
  • Planning watercourse disposal systems in terms of sluice, sediment transport and fish migration.

Maintaining safety and protecting the environment

Whether BG Consulting Engineers is commissioned to restore watercourses or construct installations to guard against rising water levels, the Group’s expertise covers a wide range of fields including hydrology, hydraulics, geotechnics and civil engineering, from general studies to detailed designs and the monitoring of the construction or restoration of structures.

Combined with our expertise in project design and construction supervision, BG’s diligence and expertise ensure that the protection and restoration of watercourses are prioritised in the project design, in much the same way as technical or financial aspects, via an iterative design/impact process according to the mitigation sequence of: Avoid, Reduce, Compensate.

BG fully or partly conducts reviews into the design and construction of river installations and actively contributes to every stage of your project, including:

  • Hydrological and hydraulic studies;
  • Cost-benefit analysis and multi-criteria analysis;
  • Risk analysis and management;
  • Feasibility assessment and study;
  • Design study;
  • Danger study;
  • Permit applications (environmental, containment system);
  • Coordination of project work (DET).

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