BG Mag 2023

BG Magazine 2023: Transition or Transitions?

Social, energy, climate, digital, health, and managerial transition: the word transition is omnipresent. Our society is changing in a multidimensional way and responsible, ethical and creative engineering is essential to support the players involved.

In the 2023 edition of BG Magazine, we propose to look at the term Transition in its plural form. To do so, we start with the observation that all these processes are interconnected and intertwined. Can we conceive of social transition without thinking about energy transition? Can we conceive of the health and/or climate transition without taking into account the contributions of digital technology? Engineers are at the heart of these questions, and that is where BG Group’s added value lies, in its ability to grasp the issues holistically.

Let’s embark without delay on the path of transitions, take the pulse of the context in a discussion with Nelson Ogunshakin, (CEO of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers – FIDIC), (re)think change with Solange Martin (Sociologist for the High Council for the Climate) and climb aboard “Made in BG” projects to sail along the technical solutions available to meet the challenges of transition.

Follow the thread of the energy transition and fly over the Nant de Drance project, immerse yourself in the digital world with our articles on BIM, recycle your vision of waste with our articles on thermal recovery. And if you like this magazine, don’t hesitate to share it around you. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed designing it.

We wish you a pleasant reading.